Tuning Your Instrument with the Tanbi Music MT560GB Metronome Tuner

Whether you are a music student, an amateur player or an accomplished performer, your music accessories collection should include a high-quality tuner. This is a must-have accessory even for those with a perfect musical ear. Precision in tuning is a crucial feature for every musician, amateur and professional alike.
A good high-quality tuner should be precise and fast, easy to operate and easy to read. These are the qualities you should check for when choosing your tuner.

Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner is precisely that: It detects the sound or vibrations of your instrument really fast – for just about a millisecond after you played a sound on it. You will be able to see the reading of your tune clearly on the tuner’s large screen display. When using the automatic tuning mode, the green light that flashes is an easy indicator of a proper tune while the red light indicates otherwise.
There are three ways of tuning your instrument using the Tanbi Music metronome tuner:

Clip-On Pickup Cable

Clip-On Pickup Cable

(1) Using the clip-on pickup cable supplied with the device to detect the vibrations:
This is definitely the most accurate method of tuning. The clip-on pickup cable found in this tuner’s box is of high quality, having smooth pads on its clips to protect your instrument from any scratches.

(2) Using the built-in microphone which will detect the instrument’s sound.
Tuning an instrument without the cable can be done by placing the tuner close to your instrument (the tuner has a support clip on its back, making it easy to put it on a table or bench near you), and playing your instrument. If there is not too much surrounding noise, you can tune your instrument quickly without bothering with the clipping on the cable.

(3) Using the tone generator to manually tune an instrument by following the right pitch produced by the tuner.
If you have the skill to tune your instrument manually just by listening to the right pitch, you can use the tuner’s tone generator feature. This mode is especially good for students who would like to develop their musical hearing and teaching themselves to compare pitches.

The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner offers an automatic tuning mode for standard tuning of a guitar or a bass guitar, (including also half or full-step down tuning), and a chromatic mode for different tunings of the guitar or other instruments. It is also possible to change the standard frequency of 440HZ – the range is 430HZ to 450HZ. In short, it is a very powerful and useful tuner that every musician should have.


For a visual demostration of tuning a guitar, please wath the vide in the following post: how to tune your guitar using the Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner.