Tanbi Music Launched a New Product: Assorted Guitar Picks with Box

Cape Coral, FL, Aug. 1 2014: Launch of a New Product: 500 Assorted Guitar Picks in a Cool Box

Tanbi Music is proud to announce the launching of Tanbi Music is proud to announce the launching of its second product: 50 assorted celluloid guitar picks in a cool plastic box.

Over 6 months have passed since the successful launch of Tanbi Music’s first product, the MT560GB Metrono0me Tuner. Finally, the second product is launched.

Guitar Picks with Box

Guitar Picks with Box

The guitar picks are medium to heavy gauge. They come in 4 sizes: 0.73mm, 0.88m, 1mm and 1.14mm. From surveys conducted on many guitar players, it seems these are the sizes most sought after. Thin picks tend to tear quickly, and the very-thick gauge is less suitable for the acoustic guitar.

Customers who have been given our new product for trial were especially happy with the picks box. Many guitar players and students have big stocks of guitar picks, and they tend to get lost quickly or create a mess in the house when you do not have a proper place to store them. The picks box that comes with this product is a pretty flower shaped box with 6 petals around a circle, creating thus 7 compartments for storing picks. The box can store much more than the 50 picks that come with it, so that people can add their other picks, and separate picks in the compartments according to gauge, material, or whatever suits them.

The Tanbi picks come in bright colors which help them stick out if they fall on the floor. The gauge of each pick is clearly marked on it, so you can easily pick the best pick suitable for the instrument and genre of music you are playing.

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