Social media helps musician find lost guitar

By Ray Bradshaw

DARTMOUTH – Social media wins again. Yesterday, a local musician realized he had left his beloved Martin guitar in the trunk of a local cab. The problem was, Cory Tetford couldn’t remember the name of the driver or the company.

After performing in downtown Halifax on Saturday night, Tetford, his wife and a friend jumped into a taxi after he put his guitar into the trunk. “We made a couple of stops,” said Tetford. “We went to a friends house – that was our last destination. We jumped out, paid the guy, thanked him and ran in the house. We were having a lot of fun, until I ended up home and went….where’s my guitar?”

Tetford realized the guitar was still in the trunk, but there was a major problem. “I didn’t get the cab number,” said Tetford. “I also didn’t get the cab name – the company – and so it was a stressful 24 hours.”

The Martin guitar – an Eric Clapton signature model – has a value of $5000 to $6000, but it also has a lot of sentimental value. A close friend, Joe Smallwood, gave Tetford the guitar just before he passed away. Tetford asked him what he wanted him to do with it. “He looked at me straight in the eye and said, you wear that thing out and every time you play it, you think of me,” Tetford said as he choked up.

Tetford tried to find the guitar Sunday morning through social media. “I jumped on twitter and it exploded really,” said Tetford. A couple of city councillors tracked it down to Casino Taxi.

“Each of our taxis are equipped with a GPS tracking system,” said Brian Herman, the President and Operations Manager at Casino Taxi, “so we were able to take a look at pickup location and drop off and we matched the two of them up and figured it was him.”

The cab driver worked until 4:30 A.M. Sunday, went home to bed, and contacted Casino late yesterday afternoon after finding out they were looking for him. Soon afterward, the guitar and Tetford were reunited.

“It makes us feel great,” said Herman, “You know any time someone can get re-united with a lost item, it’s huge.”

Tetford is happy and said, “This guitar is not going to leave my hip.”

Tetford offered a 500 dollar reward on social media for the safe return of the guitar. He convinced the reluctant cabbie to take it.

Source: Global News


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