New Manual Released for Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner (Press Release)
The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

A new improved instruction page has been released for the Tanbi Metronome Tuner (MT560GB), giving a much better explanation of how to use this instrument in all its capabilities. The new manual can also be used as a reference when tuning many string instruments.

Tanbi Music’s Metronome Tuner is sold in Amazon for over 6 months already, but the instruction page for this device which is distributed in its box has been inadequate. Although most customers have found the usage of the metronome tuner to be intuitive enough and thus have not felt a need for a better manual, some of the customers, especially those with no prior experience with other metronome tuners have complained that they have almost missed some its strong capabilities. For example, the very convenient feature of switching to flat or double flat (half-step and full-step down) tuning with a simple press of a button, or the ability to change the beat when using the metronome functionality were hidden in the older manual and some people just missed it.

Ann Berman, media manager of Tanbi Music, has announced that the company has put out a new instruction page. A few customers that have been given this new manual have highly praised it as being very clear and informative, and written in a way that even people with no technical experience can read and understand easily.

As Tanbi Music’s inventory is handled by Amazon, customers who will be buying the current inventory will be still getting the old manuals. Ms. Berman says that these customers, along with past customers who have received the older manual version are encouraged to download the newer version directly from Tanbi Music product page (

Along with the detailed instructions for operating the device, the new manual also gives the notes for standard tuning of the guitar, bass guitar (of 4 or 6 strings), ukulele, violin, mandolin and banjo, thus serving as a good reference for players of these instruments. Players of the acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar can also take advantage of the guitar and bass tuning mode for these instruments and forego remembering these notes, but players of other string instruments (or other instruments, such as trumpets, which can also use this metronome tuner) will be able to use this reference when using the chromatic mode to tune their instrument.

The new manual also lists clearly the various options of the metronome function of this device, making it easier for the users to know what they can expect and how to utilize this product to its fullest potential.