New Competitors Around the Block: New Thin Guitar Picks to Launch on Amazon

[Miami, May 8th 2015] The best gauge of guitar picks is something guitar players may debate and disagree on forever: Each player to his or her own taste. Some will never touch a pick with thickness over 1mm. Some will only use a 1.14mm pick. Most will find after a few months or years of playing their own favorite gauge and brand and stick to it, others like to keep trying and experiencing different gauges and different materials. Some will think they are all the same, and will take whatever pick you give them. Most will be fascinated to experience a pick different than what they are used to, and immediately feel and hear the difference.

It is common belief that thinner picks are better for acoustic guitars, and for Jazz, while electric guitars, especially when playing Rock, Metal etc. will benefit from thicker picks. But you can find Metal players who swear by the 0.6mm gauge, and Jazz players who use 1.5mm picks.

thin guitar picks
Dremarket, a rather new player in this field (less than a year on Amazon), is about to launch its 4th pick pack: A pack of 25 0.46mm celluloid picks. These picks, as dremarket’s other music accessories products, are sold under the brand Tanbi Music.

This new pack joins Tanbi’s already-existing 3 pick products: These are a pack of 25 0.6mm picks, and 2 assortments of picks: 50 picks of gauge 0.73 to 1.14mm, or 60 picks including also 0.6mm picks.
This new pack, as the other Tanbi Music products (which include besides the picks also a metronome-tuner), will be found exclusively on Amazon. Debbie Barak, Tanbi Music’s spokeswoman, says customers have been asker for thinner picks, as well as for thicker ones, which will probably be the next ones to launch.
These 0.46 mm picks have the same design as their 0.6 mm counterpart, with a different color: While the 0.6mm picks are yellow, the 0.46 mm picks are orange. Barak explains this is according to the Tanbi Music feature of different color for different gauges, making each gauge easily distinguishable from the others.