Metronome Tuner Still Out of Stock
The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

We are sorry to report the Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner (MT560GB) is still out of stock. Many people contact us to
ask why it is still unavailable, and if they would be able to get it before Christmas, as many would like to get it as Christmas gifts.

We are sorry for this long delay in re-stocking. We had several problems with this metronome tuner’s production line, and we are doing our best to get our new inventory to Amazon as quickly as possible. We hope it will be there before Christmas, but cannot guarantee that at this time. It will be there for the beginning of the New Year.

The Tanbi Music MT560GB Metronome Tuner was launched on Amazon one year ago, at Jan. 1 2014, and has become since very popular. It is excellent to use as a tuner for guitar or a tuner for bass, as it has automatic tuning mode for both, and has also a chromatic tuning mode which can be used for alternative guitar tuning or for other instruments, as the mandolin, the banjo, the violin, and more. Customers have reported to find it useful for tuning their trumpet or other instruments – one of the video’s on YouTube show its use for the tuning of a bandurria.

The device comes with a clip-on pickup cable that can be attached to the music instrument for precise tuning even where background noises exist. The tuning functionality includes also flat tuning, and two-step down tuning for easy alternative tuning.

The metronome functionality of this device is also excellent: Very flexible and easy to use, with a big variety of rhythms to choose from. It has an adjustable volume control that can set the sound loud enough to be heard when practicing.

A new version of this metronome tuner is scheduled to launch in a few months. The new version will have automatic tuning modes also for the violin and the mandolin, and a few other improvements.