Metronome Tuner Back in Stock!

After a few weeks of the popular MT560GB Metronome Tuner being out of stock, it is finally back!

The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

The Tanbi Music Metronome Tuner

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The MT560GB Metronome Tuner is a powerful yet compact and light-weight device. Sensitive and accurate, intuitive to use – this tuner makes the tuning of musical instruments, particularly guitars and bass guitars, easier than ever. First-year music students and accomplished musicians alike will find the included clip-on pickup very useful in tuning their instrument. The large LCD screen will give a clear indication if the tested string is tuned to its note or not.

The Metronome function of this device is very flexible, featuring 8 sub-division options including quarters, triplets, and various combinations, as well as 8 beat options and a wide range of tempos. Use the LCD display or headphones for a quieter way to keep time, or turn up adjustable volume control for a clear beat that’s easy to hear over your music.

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