How and When to Use a Guitar Pick
Guitar Pick

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At first, guitar picking can be difficult or quite awkward so it is important to learn the right way of using a guitar pick and when it is appropriate. If you are into classical guitar, you do not need the tips that I am going to share because classical guitarists do not use guitar picks. On the other hand, if you are into acoustic guitars and electric guitars, a guitar pick is a must-have for you because it will allow you to play your instrument well and explore a lot of things in the music you can make.

How to use a guitar pick:

  1. Place the pick in between your index finger and your thumb. The pick should be closely located to the knuckle of your thumb.
  2. The tip (the pointed part) of the pick should be pointing away from your fist. If that is so, the tip should also be pointing towards your guitar strings, guitar sound hole or electric guitar body.
  3. Be sure that you hold the pick firmly. The tip should be coming out in between of your index finger and thumb at about half an inch.
  4. The wrist should be used for moving your hand. The arm should be just stable.
  5. Now using the wrist for moving your hand up and down, try striking or plucking the strings of your guitar. Each string in downward and upward motion.
  6. Your picking hand should not rest on the strings or on the body of your guitar.
  7. Experiment on how the sound is produced while you use the pick. Try to pluck the strings louder or softer. Adjust your motion in just the right way that the guitar sounds good or doesn’t buzz.
  8. When you pluck the strings, alternate the motion of your hand. Do downwards for a string then upwards for the next string and so on. Also, minimize the movement of your hand by doing only short downward and upward motions.
  9. Practice some of the scales you know or play your favorite song while applying the tips you have read here.