Get the Perfect Rhythm with the Tanbi Music MT560GB Metronome-Tuner

Are there instances that you find it difficult to be in the right rhythm of a challenging piece? It’s normal because playing different rhythmic patterns and following various tempos are tough tasks. It takes a lot of training for a musician to play in perfect rhythm. With that, every musician must know that having a reliable metronome is crucial for practice sessions and even while recording music.

Metronome TunerThe Tanbi Music MT560GB Metronome Tuner is one such product. Reading the Amazon customer reviews of this product, you can see the general consensus is that this is a very good device that although this brand is rather new, the metronome tuner of this brand performs better than some of the more famous brand. It is described as like a breath of fresh air to the world of music accessories.

Its metronome function is phenomenal. If you are having a difficulty following a certain rhythmic pattern, the Tanbi Music MT560GB Metronome-Tuner provides 8 rhythmic patterns (dotted notes, triplets, etc) and 9 beat selections (including the “no”-beat or free beat selection) you can follow. It also offers a tempo selection ranging from 30bpm up to 230bpm. It is easy to use – setting the tempo, number of beats, and beat patterns are all done just by pressing the buttons assigned for them. While using it, the large LCD screen will clearly display the beat you are following and the sound of the beat produced by the built-in speakers can also be adjusted. A socket for earphones is also available if you want to use the device just for yourself so that the people with you won’t be disturbed by the metronome beat. There are also light signals that add clarity to the visual display of the metronome rhythm.

This metronome-tuner is small enough to fit into your pocket and also in different types of instrument cases so you can bring it with you wherever you go. A small flip-out stand at the back of the device is also available so that you can comfortably use it and see its visual display more clearly when it’s on a table. Also, using a loud-sounding instrument like the violin is not a problem because its metronome beat volume is loud enough. This metronome-tuner is simply a musician’s perfect practice buddy.