For Your Next Concert or Gig: How Should You Look?

Do music artists need to bother on what they look like on stage?

In the music industry, aside from being musically talented and skilful, presenting our overall look in the best possible way is also a big factor to consider. People don’t just hear our music, but they watch us perform. What people see in the performers onstage has a great impact on how they see these people as artists that they will support. It is one of the ways of communicating to our audience that we are ready to give the best performance for them; offering a performance in a complete package. Taking the time to know the right outfit and look for a certain performance is a great investment.

Here are some of the things that music artists should consider when thinking of getting the perfect look for their next concert or gig:


Know your music well.             

Of course, as music artists, our knowledge and skill of the music that we perform onstage is not a doubt because being skilful at it is a prerequisite to the industry, but knowing our music in relation to what appearance it should project from us is a different thing. This is where the right choices for fashion come in. Sometimes we have the tendency to pick up anything we just feel like wearing for a performance without thinking what could be its effect to our audience.

Different genres of music call for various styles of outfits. However, this music and fashion interrelation is not absolute because various events where we perform also demand appropriate attire. Also, some music genres are flexible and they can be easily matched to almost any outfit.

For instance, classical musicians, more often than not, wear classy dresses or suits because they commonly play in traditional concert halls where a touch of formality and elegance in some ways is involved. On the other hand, punk, metal, rock musicians have a certain style of wearing black outfits with various “unconventional” hairstyles because it characterizes the music they are into. Their outfits and looks also scream along with their music. With this notion, the audience would feel a balance of what they hear and what they see. Your outfit should be unified with your music. For an instance, don’t offer any distractions to your audience by wearing too much make-up and super spiky hairstyle while playing a Bach piece.

Two Musicians Tuning Up

Two Musicians Tuning Up

In preparation to your gig or concert, think of your music first. What do you see and feel in your music? As you ponder on these things, now look at your closet or in the department store and find possible outfits that will match the music pieces or songs you are going to play for that gig or concert. Take advantage of colors because they give a certain aura or mood. Choose what color matches the mood of your music. The style should also go along with it. For example, if you’re into pop music, your outfit can be very flexible. You can be stylish in your casual attire and you can also explore on some semi-formal attires. It’s the same with jazz music. However, rock and heavy metal music quite demands a very strong, strikingly “loud” and appealing outfit that is comfy as well in order to rock like never before.


Be you.

 It is common that we have favorite music artists that we look up to. Sometimes, we tend to copy their fashion or style because we want to be like them. But if you want to stand out in the music industry, you should find your unique style deep within you and explore that with your looks and music.

Knowing your personality involves realizing what you love the most, what you are most comfortable with, and what do you want to express. These things should reflect in whatever clothing you will be using onstage. You should find yourself in whatever you wear because aside from your music, it is the representation of who you really are. Just as you interpret your music, you should also interpret the relationship of your music to your personality through what image or appearance you want to project onstage. Find the style that goes well with your music. Find the fashion that will make you stand out. Again, don’t just copy from other music artists’ appearance. A way of attracting fans is presenting something unique, fresh, and new. Just as you own your music, own your style too. Explore in these to get the charm that will surely make people want to hear and see your performances again.


Look and feel effortless. 

After taking a bit of your time to ponder on your music and personality, let’s get on to the practicality of choosing the right outfit for a concert or gig.

Always remember that you will perform music onstage and you will not be there for a photo shoot or whatever. So with that, wearing what is comfortable with you is a must. It supports you in giving the best performance you can offer to your audience. Comfortable clothing will not distract you in what you are going to do. Maybe you are not aware of this, but people can actually see if you are having a hard time with your heels, pants, skirt, or your very tight gown while performing onstage. Distractions like these should be avoided because we do not want anything that will ruin our performance, right?



These three things regarding music artists’ appearances onstage should be balanced in order to have the desired effect. In the music industry where a lot of really talented and skilled people are swimming in the pool of creativity and competition, considering your fashion sense as a musician will give you an edge in attracting a lot of supporters for your music. Being confident with your overall look should be just as how you are confident with your music. Carry yourself well and believe in who you are and what you can do. Surely, the passion will glow from deep within you.

Of course, I am not saying that considering the right outfit for a gig or concert is the sole thing that can attract people. The music you make should be the most important thing so you should perform it with excellence. But, by taking a bit of time in considering your overall look onstage will eliminate the many factors of being not able to deliver a high quality performance and a remarkable image of you as a music artist.