Classic Guitar Lession #3: Basics of Music Notes


Rudiments of Music Notation

Learning the classical guitar music involves reading music sheets. These music sheets are different from guitar tablatures because classical guitar music sheets consist of various musical notes and symbols that are used widely in different kinds of music.



Musical notes are written here. It consists of 5 lines and 4 spaces.

Music Lines

There is usually a clef sign at the beginning of each line of music. For the guitar music, a treble clef (G clef) is used.

Lines With Clef


Notes and Rests

Musical notes are placed on the lines and spaces of a staff to indicate a certain pitch and duration of the musical sound to be played. On the contrary, pauses or silences in music are notated too. They are called rests.

Here are some of the notes and rests and their corresponding values:

Notes and Rest Values
Notes on the Lines and Spaces of the Staff

The notes on each line and each space of the staff are named:

Notes On Lines


As a mnemonic, the notes on the lines of the staff can be remembered as “Every Good Boy Does Fine” and the notes on the spaces recalled as “FACE.”


Ledger Lines

There are also notes that can be written above and below the staff. They can be shown by adding ledger lines. These are the extra lines above and below the staff.

Here are some of the notes on the lines and spaces above and below the staff.

Notes Above and Below Lines

Measures and Bar Lines

The bar lines divide the staff into measures.

Music Lines Measures

Time Signature or Meter

This is a numerical fraction that follows after the clef sign. The numerator indicates the number of beats per measure and the denominator represents what note gets one beat.

4/4 Time Signature

This 4/4 time signature is also called as common time that is written as:
Common Time Signature

Taking the Difficult Path

These are only some of the basics that you need to know about learning the classical guitar. Yes, it is not that easy, but your effort and time learning the instrument is definitely worth it because the classical guitar can produce one of the most beautiful sounds ever.